Avanchy Rainbow Baby Gift Set Yellow


Let’s face it, sometimes feeding a child can be a messy job. The last thing a parent wants is a spill and mess to clean up. Baby product brand Avanchy is proud to announced the launch of their solution to this problem, the Avanchy Bamboo Stay Put Suction Bowl. Safe, eco-friendly, attractive and fun, the suction bowl can help make meal time a little less messy. The Avanchy Bamboo Stay Put Suction Bowl combines foolproof functionality with the highest quality natural materials for your stylish, healthy home. Paired with the FDA approved food grade silicone in four bright, cheery colors, this suction serving bowl makes the chore of feeding baby fun! The removable suction rubber piece easily attaches to the bottom of the serving bowl and latches onto the tabletop with a gentle touch. Unlike other baby food containers, the suction bowl grips the table and won’t be knocked around or flipped by little hands. The small vacuum relief lever is childproof, especially when aligned on the backside of the bowl, away from the child. With a gentle pull, adults can release the serving bowl suction like magic! When your little ones are old enough to eat without spilling, you can remove the rubber suction bottom and enjoy multipurpose uses for the sophisticated bamboo bowls in your home. The drop proof, hot proof bamboo baby dishes cannot be used in the microwave or dishwasher. Choose a healthier option for your home and liven up serving time with cheery silicone colors that accentuate the pure, organic beauty of Avanchy quality craftsmanship and natural bamboo wood.

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