Angels and the Ancestors Oracle Cards: A 55-card Deck and Guidebook [Book]


The Angels and Ancestors Oracle card deck by Kyle Cray includes a 55-card deck and a 150-page guidebook. This deck will bridge the gap between heaven and earth by enlisting the power of higher beings from around the world. Beautifully presented in a sliding box and illustrated by Lily Moses. Picking an oracle card in the morning can be your guideline during the day. This ancient ritual is totally in tune with our modern quest for a balanced, healthy mind. Why use oracle cards? First of all, it is an excellent excuse to make time for yourself, create a safe and sacred space. An ideal time to expand your self-knowledge and awareness. And to shine the light on parts of yourself that you’re usually don’t give attention to. It can change our perspective around situations. And bring peace inside yourself. Start today by allowing magic in your life.

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