12 Wooden Birdhouses – Crafts for Girls and Boys – Kids Bulk Arts and Crafts Set – 12 DIY Unfinished Wood Bird House Kits, 12 Paint Strips, 12


Make it an exhilarating success With the Neliblu DIY birdhouse kits for kids you get everything you need to make craft time a success. This set includes enough for 12 kids. It includes four each of 3 different style birdhouses. Each birdhouse is individually wrapped, so the child gets a complete craft set. Each individual packet contains 1 birdhouse, 1 paintbrush, 1 paint set, 1 hanging string, and an instructional guide. Children love imagining and creating. Guide them on using their creativity in a constructive way. Direct them on how to put it together and encourage them to decorate it using their own imagination. Feel their thrill and exhilaration as they complete the project. — Theyll also love hanging up and admiring theyre finished artwork! When to use the birdhouse craft set: In the classroom – for a neat craft project the kids are jittery to do. At a birthday party – to entertain the kids with something they can go home with. Fun at home – when the weather is cold and rainy and they need to stay indoors. And of course when in quarantine and you need to keep the kids happy and busy! Who are these wooden bird houses good for: Boys and girls! This can be used as fairy houses or as part of an angry birds party. Children age 3+ – Adult supervision is recommended. Seniors – for a relaxing and pleasant time with company. The box includes 12 craft kits. Heres whats included in each kit: Unassembled wood for 1 birdhouse 1 paintbrush 1 paint set of five colors 1 string to hang the birdhouse An instruction manual

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