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Makes 2 string art canvases: a unicorn and a heart Glitter paper and yarn make this craft kit more dimensional and interesting than conventional string art projects Kids just push the pins right into the pre-patterned foam bases and string away Great gift for ages 10 and above Designed for children ages 10 and above, this art and craft kit includes two 8.5ö sturdy foam canvasses pre-printed with a unicorn and a heart design. Using easy-to-follow directions, kids simply push pins into the bases and string away. Also inside you will find 4 pieces of cardstock, 36 yards of cotton thread, 3 yards of polyester thread, 6.6 yards of acrylic yarn, 100 pins, 1 piece of acrylic felt, and 1 piece of paper û everything needed for 2 fun and creative art projects in one affordable and easy-to-use craft kit that kids can start enjoying right away. More than a traditional string art project, the unicorn string art kit includes glitter paper and yarn to allow kids to express their creativity even more. Or they can stretch their imagination and design patterns of their own! When done, kids will have artwork they will be proud to display for family, friends, and others to enjoy. Arts and crafts kits make a great gift for kids. When they engage in activities like the unicorn string kit, they develop critical life skills like following directions and problem-solving. Plus there is no better way to allow them to express themselves.

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